Valery Epiphany

(Surrender; a reflective poem)

Photo by Roman Melnychuk on Unsplash

Even with eyes wide, it can still be dark

In the light, eyes may still be held shut

Without asking, they dishonor the odds — No Apologies

The state of eyes, barely dictates sight

It is the state of mind that does

Making nonsense of the odds — Impudently

Moans and protests are the comedy of this world

Surrender however, is accompanied by wings

Fights against consequences will not lead to a win

Surrender however, is accompanied by wings.

This is part III, in a series about “The Twelve Steps”. You may check out part I and II on this blog. Also, if you enjoyed my writing, please consider supporting my career, with a purchase of my debut book, in the link down below. Stay blessed.



Valery Epiphany

Valery Epiphany

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